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Lawley, Brian - Product Management For Dummies, ebook

Product Management For Dummies

Lawley, Brian


Your one-stop guide to becoming a product management prodigy
Product management plays a pivotal role in organizations. In fact, it's now considered the fourth most important title in corporate America—yet only a tiny fraction of product managers

Avgeriou, Paris - Relating Software Requirements and Architectures, ebook

Relating Software Requirements and Architectures

Avgeriou, Paris


Introduction: Relating Requirements and Architectures
J. G. Hall, J. Grundy, I. Mistrik, P. Lago, P. Avgeriou
2. Theoretical Underpinnings and Reviews
J. Grundy, P. Lago, P. Avgeriou, J. Hall, I. Mistrík
3. Anticipating Change in Requirements

Beckley, Jacqueline H. - Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development, ebook

Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development

Beckley, Jacqueline H.


Written primarily for directors and managers of food design and development, food scientists, technologists, and product developers, this book explains all the necessary information in order to help meet the increasing demands for innovation in an industry that is providing fewer resources.

Duenas, Juan Carlos - Software Product Lines, ebook

Software Product Lines

Duenas, Juan Carlos


A Scenario-Based Method for Software Product Line Architecting
Eelco Rommes, Pierre America
2. Strategic Scenario-Based Valuation of Product Line Roadmaps
Jacco H. Wesselius
3. Experiences and Expectations Regarding the Introduction of Systematic Reuse

Krause, Frank-Lothar - The Future of Product Development, ebook

The Future of Product Development

Krause, Frank-Lothar


A Systematic Approach to Product Development Best Practises
J. Heppelmann
7. SPALTEN Matrix — Product Development Process on the Basis of Systems Engineering and Systematic Problem Solving
A. Albers, M. Meboldt

Tamime, Adnan - Structure of Dairy Products, ebook

Structure of Dairy Products

Tamime, Adnan


The previous 30 years have witnessed great interest in the microstructure of dairy products, which has a vital bearing on, e.g. texture, sensory qualities, shelf life and packaging requirements of dairy foods. During the same period,

Bernard, Alain - Global Product Development, ebook

Global Product Development

Bernard, Alain


Semantic Knowledge Based Approach for Product Maintenance Support
I. Sanya, E. Shehab, R. Roy, O. Houseman, M. Jonik
9. Towards a Guideline for the Early Stage of Product Development
A. Hesmer, H. Duin, K.-D. Thoben
10. A New Approach for the Development