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Osbourn, Anne E. - Plant-derived Natural Products, ebook

Plant-derived Natural Products

Osbourn, Anne E.


The Role of Natural Products in Plant-Microbe Interactions
Giuliano Bonanomi, Francesco Vinale, Felice Scala
16. Role of Natural Products in Nature: Plant-Insect Interactions
Ruth Gordon-Weeks, John A. Pickett

Kapur, Kailash C. - Reliability Engineering, ebook

Reliability Engineering

Kapur, Kailash C.

From 136,40€

An Integrated Approach to Product Development
Reliability Engineering presents an integrated approach to the design, engineering, and management of reliability activities throughout the life cycle of a product, including concept, research and development, design, manufacturing, assembly,

Bourlakis, Michael A. - Intelligent Agrifood Chains and Networks, ebook

Intelligent Agrifood Chains and Networks

Bourlakis, Michael A.

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Yet food is difficult to handle along long supply chains, with a limited window for storage and handling time, and the risk of spoiling if incorrectly handled or processed. These issues can lead to logistical problems that can severely affect product

Escobar, Luis A. - Statistical Methods for Reliability Data, ebook

Statistical Methods for Reliability Data

Escobar, Luis A.

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Bringing statistical methods for reliability testing in line with the computer age This volume presents state-of-the-art, computer-based statistical methods for reliability data analysis and test planning for industrial products. Statistical Methods for Reliability

Clark, Chuck - Aircraft Fuel Systems, ebook

Aircraft Fuel Systems

Clark, Chuck


All aspects of fuel products and systems including fuel handling, quantity gauging and management functions for both commercial (civil) and military applications.
The fuel systems on board modern aircraft are multi-functional, fully integrated complex