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Weiss, Stanley I. - Product and Systems Development: A Value Approach, ebook

Product and Systems Development: A Value Approach

Weiss, Stanley I.


A thorough treatment of product and systems development in terms of value to all stakeholders
Product and Systems Development compiles more than twenty years of research and practice from a value perspective, from vision and marketing to design, manufacturing, delivery, operations, and

Tamime, Adnan Y. - Microbial Toxins in Dairy Products, ebook

Microbial Toxins in Dairy Products

Tamime, Adnan Y.


Food-borne diseases, including those via dairy products, have been recognised as major threats to human health. The causes associated with dairy food-borne disease are the use of raw milk in the manufacture of dairy products, faulty processing conditions

Lange, Bernd Markus - Biotechnology of Natural Products, ebook

Biotechnology of Natural Products

Lange, Bernd Markus


Commercial-Scale Tissue Culture for the Production of Plant Natural Products: Successes, Failures and Outlook
Bernd Markus Lange
9. Tailoring Natural Products with Glycosyltransferases
Katja Härtl, Kate McGraphery,

Krause, Frank-Lothar - The Future of Product Development, ebook

The Future of Product Development

Krause, Frank-Lothar


A Systematic Approach to Product Development Best Practises
J. Heppelmann
7. SPALTEN Matrix — Product Development Process on the Basis of Systems Engineering and Systematic Problem Solving
A. Albers, M. Meboldt

Chateauneuf, Alaa - Structural Reliability, ebook

Structural Reliability

Chateauneuf, Alaa

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This book describes the main methods used in the reliability of structures and their use in the design process leading to reliable products. This title provides the understanding needed to implement the variety of new reliability software programs.

Kapur, Kailash C. - Reliability Engineering, ebook

Reliability Engineering

Kapur, Kailash C.

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An Integrated Approach to Product Development
Reliability Engineering presents an integrated approach to the design, engineering, and management of reliability activities throughout the life cycle of a product, including concept, research and development, design, manufacturing, assembly,

Faye, Bernard - Impact of Pollution on Animal Products, ebook

Impact of Pollution on Animal Products

Faye, Bernard


Characterization of the environmental failures in relationship with human and animal health
1. Study of Composition and Properties of Oil Pollution
Yerdos Ongarbayev, Zulkhair Mansurov
2. The Problem of Food-Products