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Meybaum, Hardi - The Art of Product Design: Changing How Things Get Made, ebook

The Art of Product Design: Changing How Things Get Made

Meybaum, Hardi


Embrace Open Engineering and accelerate the design and manufacturing processes
Product development is a team sport, but most companies don't practice it that way. Organizations should be drawing on the creativity of engaged customers and outsiders, but instead they rely on the same small

Randall, Julian - Designing Indoor Solar Products, ebook

Designing Indoor Solar Products

Randall, Julian


Relatively little attention has been focused on the many obstacles to overcome when designing efficient indoor products. As a result, indoor products are more often than not limited to low

Finland, University of Oulu - Rapid Product Development Handbook, ebook

Rapid Product Development Handbook

Finland, University of Oulu


Rapid Development Handbook paves the footpath for companies facing challenges with their capability to response to urgent product development needs. This book brings together practices and tools researched in Product Management research group at the

Bordegoni, Monica - Innovation in Product Design, ebook

Innovation in Product Design

Bordegoni, Monica


From Computer-Aided (Detailed) Design to Automatic Topology and Shape Generation
Gaetano Cascini, Federico Rotini
3. Methods and Tools for Knowledge Sharing in Product Development
Marco Bertoni, Christian Johansson, Tobias C. Larsson
4. Evolution in

Keinonen, Turkka - Product Concept Design, ebook

Product Concept Design

Keinonen, Turkka


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Concept Design
Turkka Keinonen
2. The Concept Design Team
Turkka Keinonen
3. Processes of Product Concepting
Roope Takala, Turkka Keinonen, Jussi Mantere
4. User Information in Concepting
Vesa Jääskö, Turkka Keinonen
5. Strategic Concepts in the Automotive

Weiss, Stanley I. - Product and Systems Development: A Value Approach, ebook

Product and Systems Development: A Value Approach

Weiss, Stanley I.


A thorough treatment of product and systems development in terms of value to all stakeholders
Product and Systems Development compiles more than twenty years of research and practice from a value perspective, from vision and marketing to design, manufacturing,