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Zeller, Dirk - Successful Time Management For Dummies, ebook

Successful Time Management For Dummies

Zeller, Dirk


Filled with insights into how the most successful people manage distractions, fight procrastination, and optimize their workspace, this guide provides an in-depth look at the specific steps you can use to take back those precious hours and minutes to make more of your

Lockett, Katherine - Work / Life Balance For Dummies, ebook

Work / Life Balance For Dummies

Lockett, Katherine


Discover how to: Work out your priorities Put off procrastination and improve your time management Move your boss towards work/life balance Cast your net wider and change jobs and employers Plan your seachange or treechange

Kanner, Bernice - Confessions of a Municipal Bond Salesman, ebook

Confessions of a Municipal Bond Salesman

Kanner, Bernice


You'll benefit from Lebenthal's unique advice, as he touches on issues such as recognizing opportunity, ethics and morality at work, the secrets to selling, and avoiding procrastination. Written in an accessible manner and delivered with a dose of Lebenthal's trademark

Dorland, Su - Exam Stress?: No Worries!, ebook

Exam Stress?: No Worries!

Dorland, Su

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In Exam Stress? No Worries! trained psychologist Su Dorland gives frazzled students insights into  the causes of exam anxiety, why some people get anxious about exams and why others  don’t, steps for coping with the two Ps (perfectionism and procrastination), and