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Clark, Stephanie - Food Processing: Principles and Applications, ebook

Food Processing: Principles and Applications

Clark, Stephanie


Food Processing: Principles and Applications second edition is the fully revised new edition of this best-selling food technology title.Advances in food processing continue to take place as food scientists and food engineers adapt to the challenges imposed

Tiwari, Brijesh K. - Sustainable Food Processing, ebook

Sustainable Food Processing

Tiwari, Brijesh K.


With global inequalities becoming more pronounced, ingredient costs climbing, and global warming a major political issue, food producers must now address environmental concerns, social responsibility and economic viability when designing their food processing techniques for the future. Sustainable

O'Donnell, Colm - Ozone in Food Processing, ebook

Ozone in Food Processing

O'Donnell, Colm


This book is the first to bring together essential information on the application of ozone in food processing, providing an insight into the current state-of-the-art and reviewing established and emerging applications in food processing, preservation

Tadmor, Zehev - Principles of Polymer Processing, ebook

Principles of Polymer Processing

Tadmor, Zehev


Thoroughly revised edition of the classic text on polymer processing
The Second Edition brings the classic text on polymer processing thoroughly up to date with the latest fundamental developments in polymer processing, while retaining the critically

Adali, Tülay - Adaptive Signal Processing: Next Generation Solutions, ebook

Adaptive Signal Processing: Next Generation Solutions

Adali, Tülay


Leading experts present the latest research results in adaptive signal processing
Recent developments in signal processing have made it clear that significant performance gains can be achieved beyond those achievable using standard adaptive filtering approaches. Adaptive Signal

Tucker, Gary S. - Essentials of Thermal Processing, ebook

Essentials of Thermal Processing

Tucker, Gary S.


Thermal processing remains the most important method of food preservation in use today, and the scale of the industry is immense. The large scale of these production operations makes it more important than ever that the process is performed perfectly every time: failure will lead to product

Bergounioux, Maïtine - Mathematical Image Processing, ebook

Mathematical Image Processing

Bergounioux, Maïtine


Table of contents
1. Function Spaces Vs. Scaling Functions: Tools for Image Classification
Stéphane Jaffard, Patrice Abry, Stéphane Roux
2. A Second Order Model for 3D-Texture Extraction
Maïtine Bergounioux, Minh Phuong Tran
3. Analysis…

Baird, Donald G. - Polymer Processing: Principles and Design, ebook

Polymer Processing: Principles and Design

Baird, Donald G.

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The first half of the text sets forth the general theory and concepts underlying polymer processing, such as the viscoelastic response of polymeric fluids and diffusion and mass transfer. Next, the text explores specific practical aspects of polymer processing,