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Brown, Byron Wm. - Statistics: A Biomedical Introduction, ebook

Statistics: A Biomedical Introduction

Brown, Byron Wm.


BaileyThe Elements of Stochastic Processeswith Applications to the Natural Sciences

Robert G. BartleThe Elements of Integration and Lebesgue Measure

George E. P. Box & Norman R. DraperEvolutionary Operation: A Statistical Method for Process

Pfanzagl, Johann - Mathematical Statistics, ebook

Mathematical Statistics

Pfanzagl, Johann


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Johann Pfanzagl
2. Sufficiency
Johann Pfanzagl
3. Descriptive Statistics
Johann Pfanzagl
4. Optimality of Unbiased Estimators: Nonasymptotic Theory
Johann Pfanzagl
5. Asymptotic Optimality…

Dowdy, Shirley - Statistics for Research, ebook

Statistics for Research

Dowdy, Shirley


"—The UMAP Journal
Although the goals and procedures of statistical research have changed little since the Second Edition of Statistics for Research was published, the almost universal availability of personal computers and statistical computing application

Rasch, Dieter - Mathematical Statistics, ebook

Mathematical Statistics

Rasch, Dieter


Explores mathematical statistics in its entirety—from the fundamentals to modern methods
This book introduces readers to point estimation, confidence intervals, and statistical tests. Based on the general theory of linear models, it provides an in-depth overview of the following: analysis

Jawlik, Andrew A. - Statistics from A to Z: Confusing Concepts Clarified, ebook

Statistics from A to Z: Confusing Concepts Clarified

Jawlik, Andrew A.


 Statistics is confusing, even for smart, technically competent people. And many students and professionals find that existing books and web resources don’t give them an intuitive understanding of confusing statistical concepts. That is why this book is needed. Some of the unique qualities

Glaz, Joseph - Scan Statistics, ebook

Scan Statistics

Glaz, Joseph


Scan Statistics in Genome-Wide Scan for Complex Trait Loci
Josephine Hoh, Jurg Ott
11. On Probabilities for Complex Switching Rules in Sampling Inspection
W.Y. Wendy Lou, James C. Fu
12. Bayesian Network Scan Statistics