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Rustler, Florian - Mind Mapping For Dummies, ebook

Mind Mapping For Dummies

Rustler, Florian


Students can make sense of complex topics and structure their revision with mind mapping; business people can manage projects and collaborate with colleagues using mind maps, and any creative process can be supported by using a

McClay, K. R. - The Mapping of Geological Structures, ebook

The Mapping of Geological Structures

McClay, K. R.


Detailed mapping and analysis of the structural features of rocks enable the 3D geometry of their structures to be reconstructed. The resulting evidence of the stresses and movement patterns which rocks have undergone indicates the processes by which

Chainey, Spencer - GIS and Crime Mapping, ebook

GIS and Crime Mapping

Chainey, Spencer

From 67,75€

GIS can be employed at different levels to support operational policing, tactical crime mapping, detection, and wider-ranging strategic analyses. With the use of GIS for crime mapping increasing, this book provides a definitive

Morovič, Ján - Color Gamut Mapping, ebook

Color Gamut Mapping

Morovič, Ján


Gamut mapping algorithms, implemented by color management systems, are an integral part of the color reproduction process. By adjusting the colors with appropriate algorithms, gamut mapping enables original colors

Darques, Regis - Mapping Versatile Boundaries, ebook

Mapping Versatile Boundaries

Darques, Regis


Balkan Border Mapping: Building the GIS Project
Régis Darques
5. “Hot Points” with a Hand Lens: The Process of Local Border Sedimentation
Régis Darques
6. From Borderlines to Borderlands: A Perspective of

Arsanjani, Jamal Jokar - Citizen Empowered Mapping, ebook

Citizen Empowered Mapping

Arsanjani, Jamal Jokar


Structuring Volunteered Geographic Information Collection to Improve Information Processing Efficiency in Environmental Management
Mu-Ning Wang Brandeis, Timothy L. Nyerges
11. Volunteered Geographic Information for Building Territorial Governance in Mexico