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O'Dell, Kevin - Genetics? No Problem!, ebook

Genetics? No Problem!

O'Dell, Kevin


Indeed, the key skills that a genetics student requires are an ability to design and understand experimental strategies and to use problem-solving skills to interpret experimental results and data. Genetics? No Problem! provides

Marsden, Janet - Care of the Child with Ophthalmic Problems, ebook

Care of the Child with Ophthalmic Problems

Marsden, Janet


Babies and children with ophthalmic problems are often cared for by registered children’s nurses in specialist children’s hospitals. However, some of these nurses may lack the required ophthalmic knowledge and expertise. Likewise, paediatric patients are also often

Yemm, Catherine - Maths Problem Solving Year 1, ebook

Maths Problem Solving Year 1

Yemm, Catherine

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Maths Problem Solving – Year 1 is the first of six books in the Maths Problem Solving series. The books have been written for teachers to use during the numeracy lesson. They cover the ʻsolving problemʼ objectives from the numeracy framework. This

Kern, Michel - Numerical Methods for Inverse Problems, ebook

Numerical Methods for Inverse Problems

Kern, Michel


This book studies methods to concretely address inverse problems. An inverse problem arises when the causes that produced a given effect must be determined or when one seeks to indirectly estimate the parameters of a physical system.
The author uses practical examples to illustrate inverse