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Gerstner, Johannes R. - Print in Motion, ebook

Print in Motion

Gerstner, Johannes R.


Table of contents
1. Einführung und Ziel der Arbeit
Johannes R Gerstner
2. Theoretischer Hintergrund
Johannes R Gerstner
3. Modul 1: Erhebung der Grundgesamtheit
Johannes R Gerstner
4. Modul 2: Befragung der Verantwortlichen

Garcia, José Luís - Media and the Portuguese Empire, ebook

Media and the Portuguese Empire

Garcia, José Luís


An Overview of the Colonial Media in the Context of the Portuguese Empire
Antonio Hohlfeldt
4. The Languages of the Goan Periodical Press, 1820–1933
Sandra Ataíde Lobo
5. The Press and Portuguese-British Relations at the Time of the British ‘Ultimatum’

Nerone, John - The Media and Public Life: A History, ebook

The Media and Public Life: A History

Nerone, John


In this lucid and intelligent guide, John Nerone traces the history of the media in public life.  His unconventional account decenters professional journalism from its central role in providing information to the people and reconceives it as part of a broader set of media