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Kulak, Daryl - The Journey to Enterprise Agility, ebook

The Journey to Enterprise Agility

Kulak, Daryl


Seven Principles of Systems Thinking for Software Development
Daryl Kulak, Hong Li
5. Redefining Professionalism
Daryl Kulak, Hong Li
6. Scaling and Sustaining: Avoiding Mechanical Behavior
Daryl Kulak, Hong Li
7. Business Value, Estimation

Mikitani, Hiroshi - Business-Do: The Way to Successful Leadership, ebook

Business-Do: The Way to Successful Leadership

Mikitani, Hiroshi


Paying homage to Japan's ethos of quality and discipline, this book shares 89 principles Mikitani has gathered over the course of his remarkable career. These thought-provoking, action-oriented rules show you everything from how useful your dreams are, to the best

Carr, David F. - Social Collaboration For Dummies, ebook

Social Collaboration For Dummies

Carr, David F.


Taking you beyond just the features and tools of social collaboration, the book focuses on where and how social collaboration principles and technologies can be applied in order to enhance the performance of an organization, regardless of how big or small it may be.Helps