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Nakagawa, Toshio - Maintenance Theory of Reliability, ebook

Maintenance Theory of Reliability

Nakagawa, Toshio


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Repair Maintenance
3. Age Replacement
4. Periodic Replacement
5. Block Replacement
6. Preventive Maintenance
7. Imperfect Preventive Maintenance
8. Inspection Policies
9. Modified Maintenance Models

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Kobbacy, Khairy A. H. - Complex System Maintenance Handbook, ebook

Complex System Maintenance Handbook

Kobbacy, Khairy A. H.


Optimal Maintenance of Multi-component Systems: A Review
Robin P. Nicolai, Rommert Dekker
12. Replacement of Capital Equipment
P. A. Scarf, J. C. Hartman
13. Maintenance and Production: A Review of Planning Models
Gabriella Budai, Rommert Dekker,

Tadj, Lotfi - Replacement Models with Minimal Repair, ebook

Replacement Models with Minimal Repair

Tadj, Lotfi


Optimal Schedules of Two Periodic Imperfect Preventive Maintenance Policies and Their Comparison
Dohoon Kim, Jae-Hak Lim, Ming J. Zuo
6. Warranty Servicing with Imperfect Repair for Products Sold with a Two-Dimensional

Davis, Thomas B. - Audel Mechanical Trades Pocket Manual, ebook

Audel Mechanical Trades Pocket Manual

Davis, Thomas B.


This tool needs no maintenance
Fully revised and updated, this convenient guide covers the latest industrial equipment as well as all the tools and machines prevalent in older plants, even those from the early 1970s and before.
Your complete reference tool
* Discusses machinery installation, welding, rigging,