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Malyon, Mike - Seems Like a Nice Boy, ebook

Seems Like a Nice Boy

Malyon, Mike


The name Larry Grayson will be instantly recognisable to anyone who can remember the 1970s when his catchphrase ‘Shut That Door’ was on everybody’s lips. However, Larry’s rise to fame was slow in coming, born of years of perfecting his craft in…

Blake, Marc - Bigtime, ebook


Blake, Marc

From 2,20€

Its Valentine's day and Andy Crowe has been dumped. He's also driving to Birmingham with his most hated rival, and it's raining. Could things get much worse? Oh yes. Three small-time villains are about to pull off a job, and they are heading for the same…

Noble, Roy - Noble Ways, ebook

Noble Ways

Noble, Roy


Known throughout Wales for his gentle self-deprecating sense of humour and brilliant TV and radio broadcasts, BBC presenter Roy Noble guides us through the lay-bys of his life; his warm, loving fifties Brynaman childhood; his college and teaching days; and, his ultimate success in that most

Wilkinson, Dean - The Classic Children's Television Quiz Book, ebook

The Classic Children's Television Quiz Book

Wilkinson, Dean


With a fitting foreword by popular family TV presenters Ant and Dec this book is sure to prove a hit with television lovers of all ages and, in particular, those members of the older generation who have remained young at heart.

Cowlin, Chris - The Steps Quiz Book, ebook

The Steps Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


How did Steps originally get together? With which two television presenters did the group record the song ‘Especially for You’ in 1998? Which band member is known as ‘Gadget Steps’? If you think you know the answer to all, or any, of these questions, you are

Falk, Ann Mari - Mats och Eva-Karin i leksakslandet, ebook

Mats och Eva-Karin i leksakslandet

Falk, Ann Mari


Mats och Eva-Karin är i leksakslandet med klassen. De får lov att köpa precis vad de vill. Men kanske vågar de inte köpa presenter till varandra, om inte fröken hjälper till lite grann..