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Montanari, Angela - Data Science, ebook

Data Science

Montanari, Angela


Missing Data Imputation and Its Effect on the Accuracy of Classification
Lynette A. Hunt
2. On Coupling Robust Estimation with Regularization for High-Dimensional Data
Jan Kalina, Jaroslav Hlinka
3. Classification Methods in the Research on the

Tsay, Ruey S. - Analysis of Financial Time Series, ebook

Analysis of Financial Time Series

Tsay, Ruey S.


Gain the statistical tools and techniques you need to understand today's financial markets with the Second Edition of this critically acclaimed book.
Youll find a comprehensive and systematic introduction to financial econometric models and

Bramer, Max - Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXX, ebook

Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXX

Bramer, Max


On Applying Adaptive Data Structures to Multi-Player Game Playing
Spencer Polk, B. John Oommen
10. Anytime Contract Search
Sunandita Patra, Satya Gautam Vadlamudi, Partha Pratim Chakrabarti
11. Diagnosing Dependent Action Delays in Temporal Multiagent

Aneiros, Germán - Functional Statistics and Related Fields, ebook

Functional Statistics and Related Fields

Aneiros, Germán


Functional linear regression models for scalar responses on remote sensing data: an application to Oceanography
Nihan Acar-Denizli, Pedro Delicado, Gülay Başarır, Isabel Caballero
4. A diagonal componentwise approach for ARB(1) prediction
Javier Álvarez-Liébana,