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Chartier, Gary - The Analogy of Love, ebook

The Analogy of Love

Chartier, Gary


This book offers an overview of Christian theology organized around the twin themes of divine and human love. The book covers the traditional theological topics as well as basic questions of theological method. It seeks to integrate a focus on love throughout.…

Donald, Diana - Ordering the World in the Eighteenth Century, ebook

Ordering the World in the Eighteenth Century

Donald, Diana


Providence, Predestination and Progress: Or, Did the Enlightenment Fail?
J. C. D. Clark
3. ‘One is All, and All is One’: The Great Chain of Being in Berkeley’s Siris
Costica Bradatan
4. Ordering the Political World: The Pattern of Politics in

Westbrook, Deeanne - Speaking of Gods in Figure and Narrative, ebook

Speaking of Gods in Figure and Narrative

Westbrook, Deeanne


The Ways of God to Men: Belief, Preordination, Predestination, Rewards and Punishments, Spiritual Economics
Deeanne Westbrook
10. Prophecy and Plot: The Making of the Hero and the Villain
Deeanne Westbrook
11. Prayer, Praise, and the War Plot