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Smith, Tom - A Seaside Practise, ebook

A Seaside Practise

Smith, Tom

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When he arrives to take up his first post as a GP in the small West of Scotland village of Collintrae, young Tom Smith isn’t quite sure what to expect. Nothing in his medical training prepared him for what he comes up against in his first few years…

Tschaetsch, Heinz - Metal Forming Practise, ebook

Metal Forming Practise

Tschaetsch, Heinz


Table of contents
Part I:. Metal forming and shearing processes
1. Types of manufacturing process
2. Terms and parameters of metal forming
3. Surface treatment
4. Upset forging
5. Extrusion
6. Thread rolling
7. Cold hubbing

Sánchez, José A. - Practising the Real on the Contemporary Stage, ebook

Practising the Real on the Contemporary Stage

Sánchez, José A.


An analysis of reality and ‘the real’ as presented in contemporary artistic creation, Practising the Real on the Contemporary Stage examines the responses given by performing arts to the importance placed on reality beyond representation. This book proposes four historic itineraries

McLaughlin, Cahal  - Truth or Dare: Art & Documentary, ebook

Truth or Dare: Art & Documentary

McLaughlin, Cahal


‘Truth or Dare: Art and Documentary’ was a conference and a set of screenings that took place during February 2006 at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and Tate Modern. This book is the outcome of that event, combining transcriptions of the talks and conversations,…