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Booton, Paul - General Practice at a Glance, ebook

General Practice at a Glance

Booton, Paul


General Practice at a Glance:Is comprehensively illustrated throughout with over 60 full-page colour illustrationsTakes a symptoms-based approach which mirrors the general practice curriculumOffers ‘one-stop’ coverage

Clarke, Nicholas - How to Manage Dementia in General Practice, ebook

How to Manage Dementia in General Practice

Clarke, Nicholas


This practical guide clearly shows each stage in the management of a patient with dementia. It covers the complex issues surrounding dementia such as spouses and families, access to appropriate care, legal and ethical concerns, planning for the future…

Martin, David - The A-Z Of Employment Practice, ebook

The A-Z Of Employment Practice

Martin, David


This is an essentially practical book: in a straightforward, no-jargon manner it explains what the law is and then what to do, providing expert advice on every aspect of employment practice from recruitment, pay and incentives to maternity/ paterrnity leave, personnel

Barraclough, Kevin - Avoiding Errors in General Practice, ebook

Avoiding Errors in General Practice

Barraclough, Kevin


Written for Foundation Year doctors, trainees and general practitioners, and unlike any other clinical management title available, Avoiding Errors in General Practice identifies and explains the most common errors likely to occur in an outpatient setting - so that

Hall, Dennis G. - Standards of Practice in Construction Specifying, ebook

Standards of Practice in Construction Specifying

Hall, Dennis G.


Construction Specifications provide critical information necessary to convey the design intent of the Architect and the legally enforceable contract requirements.  Many factors must be considered by the Architect in the development of written construction documents, including project delivery method, project ownership,

Chappell, David - Standard Letters in Architectural Practice, ebook

Standard Letters in Architectural Practice

Chappell, David


Architects and contract administrators spend a great deal of time writing letters of various types. Many of them are routine and repetitive in character, but they require proper consideration if potentially dangerous liability situations are to be avoided.
This book provides some 285 standard letters for use at all stages

Duncan, Deborah - General Practice Nursing: foundational principles, ebook

General Practice Nursing: foundational principles

Duncan, Deborah


The General Practice Nurse’s role has changed enormously over the past few decades. This helpful book gives an up-to-date overview of the GPN’s responsibilities, providing relevant information about clinical skills and knowledge, health promotion and screening, and the management and