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Kessler, Eric H. - Management Theory in Action, ebook

Management Theory in Action

Kessler, Eric H.


Gaining Power and Influencing Others
Eric H. Kessler
9. Resolving Conflicts with Others
Eric H. Kessler
Section III. Macro Management (=Us): The Organizational
10. Forging High-Performance Teams
Eric H.

Radkau, Joachim - Max Weber: A Biography, ebook

Max Weber: A Biography

Radkau, Joachim


The affinity between capitalism and protestantism, the religious origins of the Western world, the force of charisma in religion as well as in politics, the all-embracing process of rationalization and the bureaucratic price of progress, the role of legitimacy and of violence as offsprings of leadership,

Bleiklie, Ivar - Managing Universities, ebook

Managing Universities

Bleiklie, Ivar


Setting the Stage—Theory and Research Questions
Ivar Bleiklie, Jürgen Enders, Benedetto Lepori
2. A Sociological Experiment on Methodological Design—Strengths and Limits of a Pragmatist Approach to Research Methods in the TRUE Project
Benedetto Lepori

Petruzzellis, Luca - Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing, ebook

Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing

Petruzzellis, Luca


Factors Influencing Trust and Commitment in Business to Business Market: A Study on the Distribution Sector of Industrial Supplies
Mariana Regina Silva Linhares, José Marcos Carvalho Mesquita, Kleinia Anjos Vianna, Patricia de Cássia Gomes Moreira
12. Relationship