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Potter, Rachel - Modernism and Democracy : Literary Culture 1900-1930, ebook

Modernism and Democracy : Literary Culture 1900-1930

Potter, Rachel


Rachel Potter charts the changes in the ideas of democracy and discusses the wide range of reactions to these changes. She argues that modernist poems were shaped by rapidly evolving and complicated ideas of democracy. - ;Anglo-American modernist writing and modern

Belcher, Catherine L. - Teaching Harry Potter, ebook

Teaching Harry Potter

Belcher, Catherine L.


Harry Potter and the Advanced Placement (AP) Curriculum: Teaching AP English in an Urban Charter High School
Catherine L. Belcher, Becky Herr Stephenson
6. Old Magic, New Technologies
Catherine L. Belcher, Becky Herr Stephenson
7. Entering the Forbidden

Pag?n, Victoria Emma - A Companion to Tacitus, ebook

A Companion to Tacitus

Pag?n, Victoria Emma


Tacitus is one of the most important Roman historians of his time, as well as a great literary stylist, whose work is characterized by his philosophy of human nature Encourages interdisciplinary discussion intended to engage scholars beyond Classics including

Rudebusch, George - Socrates, ebook


Rudebusch, George


Offers a highly original study of Socrates and his thought, accessible to contemporary readersArgues that through studying Socrates we can learn practical wisdom to apply to our livesLovingly crafted with humour, thought-experiments and literary references (from the Iliad to Harry Potter),

Macpherson, Cheryl C. - Bioethical Insights into Values and Policy, ebook

Bioethical Insights into Values and Policy

Macpherson, Cheryl C.


Table of contents
1. Potter’s Global Bioethics and the Premise of this Book
Cheryl C. Macpherson
Part I. Climate Change Is a Bioethics Problem
2. Putting the Bios Back into Bioethics: Prospects for Health and Climate Justice
Bruce Jennings
3. Climate Change and Ethical Change
James Dwyer
4. Climate

Straffon, Larissa Mendoza - Cultural Phylogenetics, ebook

Cultural Phylogenetics

Straffon, Larissa Mendoza


Resisting Innovation? Learning, Cultural Evolution and the Potter’s Wheel in the Mediterranean Bronze Age
Carl Knappett
6. Mosaic Evolution in Cultural Frameworks: Skateboard Decks and Projectile Points
Anna Marie Prentiss, Matthew J. Walsh, Randall