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Lucy, Niall - Dictionary of Postmodernism, ebook

Dictionary of Postmodernism

Lucy, Niall


A Dictionary of Postmodernism presents an authoritative A-Z of the critical terms and central figures related to the origins and evolution of postmodernist theory and culture. Explores the names and ideas that have come to define the postmodern condition – from Baudrillard, Jameson,

Braidotti, Rosi - Metamorphoses: Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming, ebook

Metamorphoses: Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming

Braidotti, Rosi

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The discussions about the ethical, political and human implications of the postmodernist condition have been raging for longer than most of us care to remember. They have been especially fierce within feminism. After a brief flirtation with postmodern thinking in the 1980s, mainstream feminist

Ivic, Sanja - European Identity and Citizenship, ebook

European Identity and Citizenship

Ivic, Sanja


Modernist and Postmodernist Accounts of Identity
Sanja Ivic
3. Philosophical Roots of Citizenship
Sanja Ivic
4. The Concept of European Citizenship
Sanja Ivic
5. The European Identity
Sanja Ivic

Garrett, Roberta - Postmodern Chick Flicks, ebook

Postmodern Chick Flicks

Garrett, Roberta


The Early 1990s ‘Postmodernist’ Melodrama: Female Virtue in the Consumer Age
Roberta Garrett
4. Romantic Comedy and Female Spectatorship
Roberta Garrett
5. Costume Drama, Historiography and Women’s History
Roberta Garrett
6. Neo-Noir and

Oktay, Roida Rzayeva - The Challenges of Contemporaneity, ebook

The Challenges of Contemporaneity

Oktay, Roida Rzayeva


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Roida Rzayeva Oktay
2. A Conceptual Framework for Postmodernism
Roida Rzayeva Oktay
3. The Postmodern and Culture
Roida Rzayeva Oktay
4. The Postmodern
Roida Rzayeva Oktay
5. The Postmodern and Consciousness
Roida Rzayeva Oktay
6. The Postmodern and

Halnon, Karen Bettez - The Consumption of Inequality, ebook

The Consumption of Inequality

Halnon, Karen Bettez


Table of contents
1. Introduction Weapons of Mass Distraction
Karen Bettez Halnon
2. Financial Crisis, Ideology, and Alienation
Karen Bettez Halnon
3. Critiquing Postmodernist Zeitgeist
Karen Bettez Halnon
4. Prison Chic
Karen Bettez Halnon
5. Black Ghetto Cool
Karen Bettez Halnon

Snaith, Anna - Palgrave Advances in Virginia Woolf Studies, ebook

Palgrave Advances in Virginia Woolf Studies

Snaith, Anna


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anna Snaith
2. Narratological approaches
Melba Cuddy-Keane
3. Modernist Studies
Jane Goldman
4. Psychoanalytic approaches
Makiko Minow-Pinkney
5. Biographical approaches
Mark Hussey
6. Feminist approaches
Beth Rigel Daugherty
7. Bibliographic

Huber, Irmtraud - Literature after Postmodernism, ebook

Literature after Postmodernism

Huber, Irmtraud


Leaving the Postmodernist Labyrinth: Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves
Irmtraud Huber
5. The Quest for Narrative Reconstruction: Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything is Illuminated
Irmtraud Huber
6. Escaping Towards History: Michael Chabon’s