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Greener, Sue - Research Methods for Postgraduates, ebook

Research Methods for Postgraduates

Greener, Sue


An indispensable reference for postgraduates, providing up to date guidance in all subject areas
Research Methods for Postgraduates brings together guidance for postgraduate students on how to organise, plan and do research

Hoffbrand, A. Victor - Postgraduate Haematology, ebook

Postgraduate Haematology

Hoffbrand, A. Victor


The textbook of choice for trainees and practitioners in haematology
Over five editions Postgraduate Haematology has built a reputation as an extremely practical, user-friendly, reliable source of information for examination preparation and clinical practice. Completely revised to reflect

Cleland, Jennifer - Researching Medical Education, ebook

Researching Medical Education

Cleland, Jennifer


Researching Medical Education is an authoritative guide to excellence in educational research in the health professions. Presented by the Association for the Study of Medical Education and the Association for Medical Education in Europe, Researching

Collis, Jill - Business research, ebook

Business research

Collis, Jill


Business Research provides a clear and practical guide for undergraduate research methods courses and individual research projects at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Cowan, David - Research Issues in Health & Social Care, ebook

Research Issues in Health & Social Care

Cowan, David


This book is aimed at various health and social care practitioners including: nurses, midwives, doctors, social workers, health promotion and public health practitioners, health visitors and hospital managers, and in particular, those who are studying a multidisciplinary research course.

Bowers, David - Getting Started in Health Research, ebook

Getting Started in Health Research

Bowers, David


By the time you've read this book, you'll be ready to design your own research project
Not everyone in clinical research is a scientific investigator. In fact, a large proportion of health professionals undertaking a research project are working in

Hodson, Leanne - Nutrition Research Methodologies, ebook

Nutrition Research Methodologies

Hodson, Leanne


A new book in the acclaimed Nutrition Society Textbook Series, Nutrition Research Methodologies addresses the rapidly advancing field of nutrition research. It covers the diverse methodologies required for robust nutritional research

Galvin, Kathleen - Qualitative Research in Nursing and Healthcare, ebook

Qualitative Research in Nursing and Healthcare

Galvin, Kathleen


Qualitative Research in Nursing and Healthcare is an invaluable resource for those who carry out qualitative research in the healthcare arena. It is intended to assist: Professionals and academics in the healthcare field who undertake or teach