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Clarke, Colin - Post-Colonial Trinidad, ebook

Post-Colonial Trinidad

Clarke, Colin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Colin Clarke
2. Settling In
Colin Clarke, Gillian Clarke
3. Taking Soundings
Colin Clarke, Gillian Clarke
4. Conversations
Colin Clarke, Gillian Clarke

Gillespie, Carol - Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds, ebook

Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds

Gillespie, Carol


Classical material was traditionally used to express colonial authority, but it was also appropriated by imperial subjects and put to new uses. In this collection of essays, international scholars debate the relationship between the culture of Greece and Rome and the changes that have followed

Fischer-Tiné, Harald - Colonial Switzerland, ebook

Colonial Switzerland

Fischer-Tiné, Harald


(Post)colonial Self-Representations
8. Becoming Imperial
Ruramisai Charumbira
9. From ‘Native’ Alpine Guides to Foreign ‘Sahibs’ in the Himalayas
Patricia Purtschert
10. Overburdened White Men (and Women)

Enayat, Hadi - Islam and Secularism in Post-Colonial Thought, ebook

Islam and Secularism in Post-Colonial Thought

Enayat, Hadi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hadi Enayat
2. Secularism, Christianity and Imperialism
Hadi Enayat
3. Violence, Governmentality and the ‘Othering’ of the Modern Nation-State
Hadi Enayat
4. Secular and Religious Reason…

Roque, Ricardo - Engaging Colonial Knowledge, ebook

Engaging Colonial Knowledge

Roque, Ricardo


Reading Farm and Forest: Colonial Forest Science and Policy in Southern Nigeria
Pauline von Hellermann
Part II. Indigenous Voices and Colonial Records
5. Insights from the ‘Ancient Word’: The Use of Colonial Sources