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Yu, Kegen - Ground-Based Wireless Positioning , ebook

Ground-Based Wireless Positioning 

Yu, Kegen


Ground Based Wireless Positioning provides an in-depth treatment of non-GPS based wireless positioning techniques, with a balance between theory and engineering practice. The book presents the architecture, design and testing of a variety of wireless

Badura, Pawel - Information Technologies in Medicine, ebook

Information Technologies in Medicine

Badura, Pawel


Hybrid Method of Human Limb Joints Positioning—Hand Movement Case Study
Grzegorz Glonek, Adam Wojciechowski
29. A Survey of Selected Machine Learning Methods for the Segmentation of Raw Motion Capture Data into Functional Body Mesh
Magdalena Pawlyta,

Janyani, Vijay - Optical and Wireless Technologies, ebook

Optical and Wireless Technologies

Janyani, Vijay


Table of contents
1. Analysis of OFDM-MIMO with BPSK Modulation and Different Antenna Configurations Using Alamouti STBC
Sanjay Deshmukh, Udhav Bhosle
2. Performance Analysis of Atmospheric Conditions Over Terrestrial Free-Space Optical Communication
Vaishali, Sandeep Sancheti
3. Design and Analysis of Spiral

Webster, Andrew - New Technologies in Health Care, ebook

New Technologies in Health Care

Webster, Andrew


Introduction: New Technologies in Health Care: Opening the Black Bag
Andrew Webster
Part 1. Genetic Risk, Reproduction and Identity
2. The Genetic Iceberg: Risk and Uncertainty
Aditya Bharadwaj, Lindsay Prior, Paul Atkinson, Angus Clarke, Mark Worwood

Bortfeld, Thomas - New Technologies in Radiation Oncology, ebook

New Technologies in Radiation Oncology

Bortfeld, Thomas


New Technologies in 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy: Introduction and Overview
Wolfgang Schlegel
2. 3D Reconstruction
Jürgen Hesser, Dzmitry Stsepankou
3. Processing and Segmentation of 3D Images
Georgios Sakas, Andreas Pommert
4. 3D Visualization

Han, Youn-Hee - Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications, ebook

Ubiquitous Information Technologies and Applications

Han, Youn-Hee


A Sensor Positioning Scheme Using Neighbor Density Probability Models in Irregular Wireless Sensor Networks
Hyuk Park, Donggyo Hwang, Junho Park, Dong-ook Seong, Jaesoo Yoo
23. A Certificate Enhanced Group Key Framework for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Leick, Alfred - GPS Satellite Surveying, ebook

GPS Satellite Surveying

Leick, Alfred


Employ the latest satellite positioning tech with this extensive guide
GPS Satellite Surveying is the classic text on the subject, providing the most comprehensive coverage of global navigation satellite systems applications for surveying. Fully updated and expanded to reflect the field's