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Rajegopal, Shan - Portfolio Management, ebook

Portfolio Management

Rajegopal, Shan


Strategy, Project Portfolio, and Benefits Investment Decision
6. What Is Portfolio Management, What Are the Trends and Benefits?
Shan Rajegopal
7. How to Convert Strategy

Marston, R. - Portfolio Design: A Modern Approach to Asset Allocation, ebook

Portfolio Design: A Modern Approach to Asset Allocation

Marston, R.


Along the way, it examines how returns on stocks, bonds, international equities, hedge funds, real estate, commodities, and the like all increase and are of added value to a portfolio when they are strategically allocated. Examines all of the major asset classes

McGuin, Philip - Project Portfolio Management, ebook

Project Portfolio Management

McGuin, Philip


Embed the Project Portfolio Management capability
11. Embed the PPM culture and capabilities
Shan Rajegopal, Philip McGuin, James Waller
12. PPM business scenarios
Shan Rajegopal, Philip McGuin, James Waller

Schnorr, Stephan - Portfolio-Management in Stadtwerken, ebook

Portfolio-Management in Stadtwerken

Schnorr, Stephan


Table of contents
1. Was ist Portfolio-Management?
Stephan Schnorr
2. Die Beschaffung im Rahmen des Portfolio-Managements
Stephan Schnorr
3. Das Portfolio
Stephan Schnorr
4. Langfristige Bewirtschaftung
Stephan Schnorr
5. Kurzfristige Optimierung
Stephan Schnorr
6. Analyse nach Lieferung

Fabozzi, Frank J. - Portfolio Construction and Analytics, ebook

Portfolio Construction and Analytics

Fabozzi, Frank J.


With complete and detailed coverage of portfolio analytics and modeling methods, this book is unique in its multi-disciplinary approach. Investment analytics involves the input of a variety of areas, and this guide provides the perspective of data management,