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Ephross, Paul H. - Group Work with Populations at Risk, ebook

Group Work with Populations at Risk

Ephross, Paul H.


Group Work with Populations at Risk, Second Edition is a fundamental resource for social workers and those in related health professions. Accessible and practical as well as theoretically sound, it is an essential reference for students and practitioners with little specific training in

Saviane, Ivo - Groups of Galaxies in the Nearby Universe, ebook

Groups of Galaxies in the Nearby Universe

Saviane, Ivo


Galaxy Groups in the Local Volume: An HI Perspective
B.S. Koribalski
4. HI in Local Group Analogs: What does it Tell Us about Galaxy Formation?
D.J. Pisano, D.G. Barnes, B.K. Gibson, L. Staveley-Smith, K.C. Freeman, V.A. Kilborn
5. Stellar Metallicities

Bacci, Massimo Livi - A Short History of Migration, ebook

A Short History of Migration

Bacci, Massimo Livi


This short book provides a succinct and masterly overview of the history of migration, from the earliest movements of human beings out of Africa into Asia and Europe to the present day, exploring along the way those factors that contribute to the successes and failures of migratory groups.

Freeland, Joanna R. - Molecular Ecology, ebook

Molecular Ecology

Freeland, Joanna R.


The book takes a logical and progressive approach to uniting examples from a wide range of taxonomic groups. The straightforward writing style offers in depth analysis whilst making often challenging subjects such as population

Mize, Ronald L. - Latina/o Studies, ebook

Latina/o Studies

Mize, Ronald L.


Who are Latinos? What’s the difference between Hispanic and Latino – or indeed Latina, Latina/o, Latin@, Latinx? Beyond the political rhetoric and popular culture representations, how can we explore what it means to be part of the largest minority…

Stillwell, John - Ethnicity and Integration, ebook

Ethnicity and Integration

Stillwell, John


Ethnic Group Population Change and Integration: A Demographic Perspective on Ethnic Geographies
Nissa Finney
3. Ethnic Residential Segregation Change in England and Wales
Albert Sabater
4. Ethnicity and Fertility in the United Kingdom
Sylvie Dubuc,

Stillwell, John - Spatial and Social Disparities, ebook

Spatial and Social Disparities

Stillwell, John


The Circumstances and Attitudes of Different Muslim Groups in England and Europe
Saffron Karlsen, James Y. Nazroo
11. Investigating Inequalities in Educational Attainment
Michelle Jackson
12. The Making of Social Values: Education and Social Class