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Cascio, Ted - House and Psychology: Humanity Is Overrated, ebook

House and Psychology: Humanity Is Overrated

Cascio, Ted


An irresistible look within the mind and behind the hit TV drama, House
While House is a smart medical drama and Gregory House faces countless ethical quandaries as a doctor, what makes the show unique is that it's much more deeply rooted in psychology than in medicine. At its core, House

Langley, Travis - Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight, ebook

Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight

Langley, Travis


Why does this superhero without superpowers fascinate us? What does that fascination say about us? Batman and Psychology explores these and other intriguing questions about the masked vigilante, including: Does Batman have PTSD?  Why does he fight crime? Why as

Axelrod, Michael I. - Great Myths of Adolescence, ebook

Great Myths of Adolescence

Axelrod, Michael I.


Additionally, various pop culture icons that have helped propagate the myths are discussed. 
Written by noted experts, the book explores a wealth of topics including: The teen brain is fully developed by 18; Greek life has a negative effect on college students

Pool, Lorraine Dacre - An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence, ebook

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Pool, Lorraine Dacre


Yet, until now there were no authoritative books that bridge the gap between scholarly articles on the subject, often published in obscure professional journals, and the kind of books found in the “pop-psych” sections of most large bookstores. This book fills that

Stewart, Alexis - Whateverland: Learning to Live Here, ebook

Whateverland: Learning to Live Here

Stewart, Alexis


Now they share their colorful commentary and edgy common sense on every aspect of life, from food and eating ("Does Talking to Pop Tarts Mean You're Crazy?") to fashion and grooming ("The Devil Wore Palazzo Pants") to cleaning and organizing ("Not a Hoarder, Still

Hupp, Stephen - Great Myths of Child Development, ebook

Great Myths of Child Development

Hupp, Stephen


 Shatters the most commonly-held child development mythsReveals the science behind such topical issues astwin-telepathy, sex-prediction, and imaginary friendsCovers hot-button issues like childhood vaccines, spankings,“time-outs,” and breastfeeding of older childrenFeatures numerous