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Singh, Vijay P - Environmental Pollution, ebook

Environmental Pollution

Singh, Vijay P


Meteorological Factors Influencing Dispersion of Vehicular Pollution in a Typical Highway Condition
Rajni Dhyani, Niraj Sharma
7. Study of Air and Noise Pollution in Mega Cities of India
Amrit Kumar, Pradeep Kumar,

Booth, Colin A. - Urban Pollution: Science and Management, ebook

Urban Pollution: Science and Management

Booth, Colin A.


Multidisciplinary treatment of the urgent issues surrounding urban pollution worldwide 
Written by some of the top experts on the subject in the world, this book presents the diverse, complex and current themes of the urban pollution debate across the built environment, urban development

Centonze, Francesco - Historical Pollution, ebook

Historical Pollution

Centonze, Francesco


Preventing and Sanctioning Historical Pollution Beyond Criminal Law: An Introduction
Francesco Centonze, Stefano Manacorda
2. The Contribution of Green Criminology to the Analysis of Historical Pollution
Lorenzo Natali
3. Historical Pollution:

Brammer, Hugh - Arsenic Pollution: A Global Synthesis, ebook

Arsenic Pollution: A Global Synthesis

Brammer, Hugh

From 87,00€

Arsenic Pollution summarizes the most current research on the distribution and causes of arsenic pollution, its impact on health and agriculture, and solutions by way of water supply, treatment, and water resource management.
Provides the first global

Sportisse, Bruno - Pollution atmosphérique, ebook

Pollution atmosphérique

Sportisse, Bruno


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Éléments de classifications et ordres de grandeur
3. Interaction matière/rayonnement
4. Quelques éléments sur la couche limite atmosphérique
5. Notions de chimie atmosphérique
6. Aérosols,…

Yokoyama, Hisashi - Mercury Pollution in Minamata, ebook

Mercury Pollution in Minamata

Yokoyama, Hisashi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hisashi Yokoyama
2. Lecture on Methylmercury Poisoning in Minamata (MPM)
Hisashi Yokoyama
3. Past, Present, and Future of Mercury Pollution Issues
Hisashi Yokoyama

Cotton, William R. - Aerosol Pollution Impact on Precipitation, ebook

Aerosol Pollution Impact on Precipitation

Cotton, William R.


Effects of Pollution and Biomass Aerosols on Clouds and Precipitation: Observational Studies
Zev Levin, Jean-Louis Brenguier
7. Effects of Pollution Aerosol and Biomass Burning on Clouds and Precipitation: Numerical Modeling

Akhtar, Rais - Climate Change and Air Pollution, ebook

Climate Change and Air Pollution

Akhtar, Rais


Climate Change and Air Pollution: An Introduction
Rais Akhtar, Cosimo Palagiano
2. Air Quality in Changing Climate: Implications for Health Impacts
Sourangsu Chowdhury, Sagnik Dey
3. International Conferences on Sustainable Development and Climate from