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Goddard, Jim - The Politics of Childhood, ebook

The Politics of Childhood

Goddard, Jim


Introduction: The Politics of Childhood — An Overview
Allison fames, Adrian James
2. Interpreting Children’s Needs: Contested Assumptions in the Provision of Welfare
Nigel Thomas
3. The Politics of Modern Childhood:

Karp, David Jason - Human Rights Protection in Global Politics, ebook

Human Rights Protection in Global Politics

Karp, David Jason


Introduction: Human Rights Responsibilities of States and Non-State Actors
David Jason Karp, Kurt Mills
2. Humanitarianism and Responsibility in Discourse and Practice
Glenn Mitoma, Kerry Bystrom
Part II. States’ Responsibilities:

Giroux, Henry A. - America on the Edge, ebook

America on the Edge

Giroux, Henry A.


Henry Giroux on Critical Pedagogy and the Responsibilities of the Public Intellectual
Henry A. Giroux
Part I. America Under Siege
2. The Conservative Assault on America
Henry A. Giroux
3. Democracy and the Crisis of Public Education
Henry A.