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Hague, Rod - Comparative Government and Politics 5e, ebook

Comparative Government and Politics 5e

Hague, Rod


Contents PART 1: FOUNDATIONS Politics and Government Democracy Authoritarian Rule The State in a Global Context The Comparative Approach PART 2: POLITICS AND SOCIETY Political Culture Political Communication Political Participation PART 3:

Leftwich, Adrian - What is Politics?: The Activity and its Study, ebook

What is Politics?: The Activity and its Study

Leftwich, Adrian


What is politics? Is it a universal feature of all human societies, past and present? Is it tied to specific institutional arenas? Or is it found in all groups and organizations, large or small, formal or informal?

This new textbook seeks to provide answers to these

Mayall, James - World Politics: Progress and its Limits, ebook

World Politics: Progress and its Limits

Mayall, James


At the end of the Cold War, there was much talk of a new world order in which the sovereign state would be held to democratic account, fundamental rights would be respected, and conflict would be replaced by cooperation based on the rule of law. At the…

Goodson, Ivor F. - Life Politics, ebook

Life Politics

Goodson, Ivor F.


Table of contents
1. A Conversation With Ragna Adlandsvik
Ivor F. Goodson
2. Talking Lives
Ivor F. Goodson
3. Mediation is the Message
Ivor F. Goodson
4. Interviews with Raimundo Martins and Irene Tourinho in Barcelona

McKay, David - American Politics and Society, ebook

American Politics and Society

McKay, David


Now in its eighth edition, this popular introduction tackles the most recent trends in American politics and society through explanation, analyses, and interpretations of government processes – adding valuable context for students by considering these procedures and developments from

Dunleavy, Patrick - Developments in British Politics 7, ebook

Developments in British Politics 7

Dunleavy, Patrick


Bringing together a completely new set of specially-commissioned chapters by leading authorities, Developments in British Politics 7 provides an accessible state-of-the-art introduction to politics and political change in the UK. It provides a systematic

Rudolph, Joseph - Politics and Ethnicity, ebook

Politics and Ethnicity

Rudolph, Joseph


Ethnicity and Politics in the Contemporary World
1. Ethnicity and Politics in the Contemporary World
Joseph Rudolph
Part 1. France: Ethnopolitics in the Developed West
2. The Setting of Politics

Johnson, Janet Elise - The Gender of Informal Politics, ebook

The Gender of Informal Politics

Johnson, Janet Elise


Introduction: Informal Politics and the Gender Equality Paradox
Janet Elise Johnson
2. Liberalization: How Economic Reforms Consolidated a Bait-and-Switch Male Dominance
Janet Elise Johnson
3. Women’s Representation: How Bait-and-Switch Male Dominance

Packer, Richard - The Politics of BSE, ebook

The Politics of BSE

Packer, Richard


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Richard Packer
2. The Cattle and Ancillary Industries
Richard Packer
3. Science and Research
Richard Packer
4. Slaughterhouses
Richard Packer
5. A Chronicle of Events until 20 March…