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Prokhovnik, Raia - International Political Theory after Hobbes, ebook

International Political Theory after Hobbes

Prokhovnik, Raia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Raia Prokhovnik, Gabriella Slomp
Part I. Analysis
2. The Politics of Motion and the Motion of Politics
Gabriella Slomp
3. Hobbes, Public Safety and Political Economy
Tom Sorell
4. Leviathan and Liberal Moralism in International Theory
Glen Newey
Part II.

Gunnell, John G. - Political Theory and Social Science, ebook

Political Theory and Social Science

Gunnell, John G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John G. Gunnell
2. In Search of Political Theory
John G. Gunnell
3. Social Scientific Inquiry and the Metapractical Voice
John G. Gunnell
4. Fear of Conventions
John G. Gunnell
5. Engaging Wittgenstein
John G. Gunnell
6. Social Science and Justice

Pawling, Christopher - Critical Theory and Political Engagement, ebook

Critical Theory and Political Engagement

Pawling, Christopher


Critical Theory and Radical Politics in the Late Sixties
Christopher Pawling
2. Marxism and Artistic Commitment
Christopher Pawling
3. Humanism and Post-Humanism: The Antinomies of Critical Theory, Post-May ’68
Christopher Pawling
4. Rediscovering

Behr, Hartmut - A History of International Political Theory, ebook

A History of International Political Theory

Behr, Hartmut


Christian Political Pragmatism and Ethical Universalism — Aurelius Augustine and Thomas Aquinas
Hartmut Behr
Part II. Universalistic Thinking from Early Modern Times to Enlightenment
4. Universalistic Thinking in Christian Legal Philosophy — Bartolomé

McIntyre, Kenneth B. - The Limits of Political Theory, ebook

The Limits of Political Theory

McIntyre, Kenneth B.


This book examines Oakeshott’s political philosophy within the context of his more general conception of philosophical understanding. The book stresses the underlying continuity of his major writings on the subject and takes seriously the implications of understanding the world in terms

Bowker, Matthew H. - D.W. Winnicott and Political Theory, ebook

D.W. Winnicott and Political Theory

Bowker, Matthew H.


The Isolation of the True Self and the Problem of Impingement: Implications of Winnicott’s Theory for Social Connection and Political Engagement
David P. Levine
4. The Psychoanalytic Winnicott We Need Now: On the Way to a Real Ecological Thought