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Grove, Andrea K. - Political Leadership in Foreign Policy, ebook

Political Leadership in Foreign Policy

Grove, Andrea K.


Table of contents
1. Leadership in Foreign Policy
Andrea K. Grove
2. Forcing Peace: John Hume’s “Long Struggle” in Northern Ireland, 1982–1998
Andrea K. Grove
3. From the Outside in: George H.W. Bush and the Persian Gulf War,…

Usher, Daniel - Political Economy, ebook

Political Economy

Usher, Daniel


The text explains basic economic concepts from a political perspective: how the price mechanism substitutes for central authority in determining production and allocation of goods; the use of demand and supply curves to trace the impacts of tariffs, taxes, subsidies,

Odmalm, Pontus - Migration Policies and Political Participation, ebook

Migration Policies and Political Participation

Odmalm, Pontus


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pontus Odmalm
2. Historical Overview: Patterns of Immigration, Immigration and Citizenship Policies
Pontus Odmalm
3. The Role of Institutions in Shaping the Opportunities and Constraints on Actors’ Behaviour
Pontus Odmalm
4. Identity, Citizenship and Identification

Fives, Allyn - Political Reason, ebook

Political Reason

Fives, Allyn


Introduction — Political Reason after the Enlightenmen
Allyn Fives
2. Reason and Tradition
Allyn Fives
3. Reason and Faith
Allyn Fives
4. Agonism
Allyn Fives
5. Reasonableness
Allyn Fives
6. Civic Education for Democracy

Woo, Jaejoon - The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy, ebook

The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy

Woo, Jaejoon


Economic, Political, and Institutional Determinants of Public Deficits
6. Growth, Income Inequality, and Fiscal Volatility: Empirical Evidence

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Compston, Hugh - Policy Networks and Policy Change, ebook

Policy Networks and Policy Change

Compston, Hugh


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hugh Compston
2. Policy Networks and Resource Dependency
Hugh Compston
3. Actors and Resources
Hugh Compston
4. Policy Network Theory as a Theory of Policy Change
Hugh Compston
5. Policy Network Theory and the Future of Public Policy
Hugh Compston