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Rackaway, Chapman - American Political Parties Under Pressure, ebook

American Political Parties Under Pressure

Rackaway, Chapman


From Consensus to Conflict: Political Polarization, the Culture War, and Gay Rights
Donald M. Gooch
5. Ideology and the 2016 Election
Joseph Romance
6. Campaign Visits, Party Ties, and Challenges to the Party Establishment

Pace, Michelle - Europe, the USA and Political Islam, ebook

Europe, the USA and Political Islam

Pace, Michelle


The EU, US and Political Islam: An Introduction to Strategies for Engagement
Michelle Pace
2. EU Democracy Promotion Rethought: The Case of Egypt
Aletta Norval, Amr Abdulrahman
3. EU, Political Islam and Polarization

Woo, Jaejoon - The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy, ebook

The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy

Woo, Jaejoon


Social Polarization, Industrialization, and Fiscal Instability
5. Economic, Political, and Institutional Determinants of Public Deficits
6. Growth, Income Inequality, and Fiscal Volatility: Empirical Evidence


Sheth, D.L. - At Home with Democracy, ebook

At Home with Democracy

Sheth, D.L.


Introduction: A Political Theory of Indian Democracy
Peter Ronald deSouza
Part I. State, Nation, Democracy
2. Historicizing India’s Nationhood: History as Contemporary Politics
D. L. Sheth
3. State-Nation Building: The Making of Liberal Democracy

Evans, Jocelyn - The 2017 French Presidential Elections, ebook

The 2017 French Presidential Elections

Evans, Jocelyn


The Presidential Primaries and Polarization of Mainstream Party Politics
Jocelyn Evans, Gilles Ivaldi
4. Party Strategy and Cooperation
Jocelyn Evans, Gilles Ivaldi
5. Campaign Events and Political Change
Jocelyn Evans, Gilles Ivaldi
6. Forecasting