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Blondel, Jean - Political Parties and Democracy, ebook

Political Parties and Democracy

Blondel, Jean


Introduction: Political Parties and Democracy in Western Europe and East and Southeast Asia
Jean Blondel, Takashi Inoguchi
2. Britain
Jean Blondel
3. France
Jean Blondel, Jean-Louis Thiebault
4. Germany

Bröning, Michael - Political Parties in Palestine, ebook

Political Parties in Palestine

Bröning, Michael


Table of contents
1. Political Factions in Palestine: Stagnation, Ambiguity, and Change
Michael Bröning
2. Hamas: Between Terror and Realpolitik
Michael Bröning
3. Fatah: From Resistance Movement to Party of State
Michael Bröning
4. PFLP: Arab Anti-Imperialists
Michael Bröning
5. PNI: A

Topaloff, Liubomir K. - Political Parties and Euroscepticism, ebook

Political Parties and Euroscepticism

Topaloff, Liubomir K.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Liubomir K. Topaloff
2. Defining Party-Based Euroscepticism: Structure, Processes, and Actors
Liubomir K. Topaloff
3. The ‘Dark’ Side of Democratization from Below
Liubomir K. Topaloff

Rackaway, Chapman - American Political Parties Under Pressure, ebook

American Political Parties Under Pressure

Rackaway, Chapman


From Consensus to Conflict: Political Polarization, the Culture War, and Gay Rights
Donald M. Gooch
5. Ideology and the 2016 Election
Joseph Romance
6. Campaign Visits, Party Ties, and Challenges to the Party Establishment in Presidential Nominating

Spirova, Maria - Political Parties in Post-Communist Societies, ebook

Political Parties in Post-Communist Societies

Spirova, Maria


Formation, Persistence, and Change: Parties in Bulgaria and Hungary
Maria Spirova
4. Explaining Formation, Persistence, and Change: Bulgarian and Hungarian Trends
Maria Spirova
5. Explaining Formation, Persistence, and Change: Post-Communist Trends

Salih, M. A. Mohamed - Interpreting Islamic Political Parties, ebook

Interpreting Islamic Political Parties

Salih, M. A. Mohamed


Islamic Parties In Indonesia’s Political Landscape and Their Respective Stances on Women and Minorities
Moithiois Diederich
5. From Parties to Movements
Stefano Bellucci, Massimo Zaccavia
6. Kuwait’s Islamic Constitutional Movement
Nathan J.