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Zhang, Liangchi - Engineering Education and Management, ebook

Engineering Education and Management

Zhang, Liangchi


Multimedia Technology Applied to College Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching Problems and Countermeasures
Qiu Shuangcheng
18. Strategic Study of Improvement of Regional College Graduates’ Employability
Ke Ming Xu, Bi Xia Lin
19. Application

Shavinina, Larisa V. - International Handbook on Giftedness, ebook

International Handbook on Giftedness

Shavinina, Larisa V.


Understanding Suicidal Behavior of Gifted Students: Theory, Factors, and Cultural Expectations
Laurie A. Hyatt, Tracy L. Cross
Part VII. Types of Giftedness
26. In Search of Emotional–Social Giftedness: A Potentially Viable and Valuable Concept

Du, Wenjiang - Informatics and Management Science I, ebook

Informatics and Management Science I

Du, Wenjiang


Research on Combination Mode of College Art Education and Computer Art
Wei Shan
23. A Survey of Software Reliability Qualitative Evaluation
Qiuying Li, Lixin Liu
24. Identification Method of Streaming Media Based on Queuing Theory
Shuliang Pan,