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Bibby, Andrew Scott - Montesquieu’s Political Economy, ebook

Montesquieu’s Political Economy

Bibby, Andrew Scott


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andrew Scott Bibby
2. Montesquieu Économiste
Andrew Scott Bibby
3. Commerce in The Spirit of the Laws
Andrew Scott Bibby
4. Commerce, Honor, and Monarchy
Andrew Scott Bibby
5. The Maligned…

Cai, Kevin G. - The Political Economy of East Asia, ebook

The Political Economy of East Asia

Cai, Kevin G.


The Historical Origin of the East Asian Political Economy, 1895–1945
Kevin G. Cai
3. The External Setting and Internal Dynamics in the Post-1945 Era
Kevin G. Cai
4. The Japanese Political

Usher, Daniel - Political Economy, ebook

Political Economy

Usher, Daniel


The text explains basic economic concepts from a political perspective: how the price mechanism substitutes for central authority in determining production and allocation of goods; the use of demand and supply curves to trace the impacts of tariffs, taxes, subsidies,