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Strange, Gerard - Towards a New Political Economy of Development, ebook

Towards a New Political Economy of Development

Strange, Gerard


The Political Economy of China’s Post-Listian Rise: State Developmentalism beyond Neomercantilism
3. Debating Contemporary Developmentalism and the ‘China Model’: From Neomercantilism to ‘Gated’ Globalisation
Gerard Strange
4. Beyond the Gated

Glenn, Brian J - Conservatism and American Political Development, ebook

Conservatism and American Political Development

Glenn, Brian J


Editors' Preface Introduction: Studying the role of conservatives in American Political Development Part One 1. Environmental Policy from the New Deal to the Great Society: The Lagged Emergence of an Ideological Dividing Line, Marc Allen Eisner

Steinberger, Peter J. - Political Judgment: An Introduction, ebook

Political Judgment: An Introduction

Steinberger, Peter J.


What exactly is good judgment in politics? What are the characteristics of people who judge especially well? How is good judgment acquired and how can we recognize it in others?
Peter Steinberger addresses such questions by considering a variety of important developments

Robbins, Paul - Political Ecology: A Critical Introduction, ebook

Political Ecology: A Critical Introduction

Robbins, Paul


This fully updated new edition introduces the core concepts, central thinkers, and major works of the burgeoning field of political ecology.Explores the key arguments and contemporary explanatory challenges facing the sub-disciplineProvides the first full history of the development

Rakner, Lise - Political and Economic Liberalisation in Zambia, ebook

Political and Economic Liberalisation in Zambia

Rakner, Lise


The international donor community in turn generously rewarded the new government’s commitment to both political and economic change.
Despite the optimistic forecasts in 1991, both the political and economic liberalisation