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Cherry, Mark J. - Pluralistic Casuistry, ebook

Pluralistic Casuistry

Cherry, Mark J.


Pluralistic Moral Casuistry
2. Notes Toward a Pluralistic Professional Medical Ethics
Laurence B. Mccullough
3. Ethics and Deep Moral Ambiguity
S.J. Kevin WM. Wildes
4. Moral Judgment and the Ideal Intuitor:

Wong, David B - Natural Moralities A Defense of Pluralistic  Relativism, ebook

Natural Moralities A Defense of Pluralistic Relativism

Wong, David B


Pluralistic Relativism 3. Objections and Replies Part Two: Constraints on Natural Moralities 4. Identity, Flourishing, and Relationship 5. Community and Liberal Theory 6. Does Psychological Realism Constrain the Content of Moralities? Part Three: Having Confidence

Clarke, Chris - Ways of Knowing, ebook

Ways of Knowing

Clarke, Chris


The world faces a crisis of meaning. The old stories - whether the exclusive claims of rival religions or the grand schemes of perennial philosophy - seem bankrupt to many. The editorial stance of this book is that mysticism and science offer a way forward…

Hanson, Stephen S. - Moral Acquaintances and Moral Decisions, ebook

Moral Acquaintances and Moral Decisions

Hanson, Stephen S.


Table of contents
1. Justifying Moral Claims in a Pluralistic Society
Stephen S. Hanson
2. Engelhardt Engelhardt, H. Tristram, Jr. and the Content-Free (?) Principle of Permission
Stephen S. Hanson
3. The Four-Principles Approach: An Appeal to the Common

Rubin, Avi - Ottoman <Emphasis Type="Italic">Nizamiye</Emphasis> Courts, ebook

Ottoman Nizamiye Courts

Rubin, Avi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Avi Rubin
2. The Nizamiye Court System: An Overview
Avi Rubin
3. The Ottoman Judicial Mall: A Legally Pluralistic Perspective
Avi Rubin
4. The Age of Procedure
Avi Rubin
5. The Age of Accountability: Judges on Trial
Avi Rubin
6. The Age of Centralization: