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Plot, Martín - Claude Lefort, ebook

Claude Lefort

Plot, Martín


Martín Plot
Part I. Claude Lefort, A Close Reader: Intellectual Influences and Dialogues
2. Claude Lefort: A Political Biography
Dick Howard
3. Lefort as Phenomenologist of the Political
Bernard Flynn
4. Lefort and Machiavelli

Saunders, Jean - Successful Novel Plotting, ebook

Successful Novel Plotting

Saunders, Jean


What is it about a good book that hooks the reader and makes them want more? A good plot. Every best-selling author from Agatha Christie to Terry Pratchett knows the importance of a strong story. But for the budding author it can be daunting and even confusing. How do you turn that seed

Gibney, John - Ireland and the Popish Plot, ebook

Ireland and the Popish Plot

Gibney, John


The Popish Plot in Ireland, September 1678–May 1679
John Gibney
4. Institutions and the ‘Irish Plot’, May 1679–November 1680
John Gibney
5. Irish Evidence, November 1680
John Gibney
6. The Decline

Rotunno, Laura - Postal Plots in British Fiction, 1840–1898, ebook

Postal Plots in British Fiction, 1840–1898

Rotunno, Laura


Table of contents
1. Correspondence Culture
Laura Rotunno
2. Mr Micawber, Letter-Writing Manuals, and Charles Dickens’s Literary Professionals
Laura Rotunno
3. Feminized Correspondence, the Unknown Public, and the Egalitarian Professional…