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Faubert, Michelle - Romanticism and Pleasure, ebook

Romanticism and Pleasure

Faubert, Michelle


“Was it for This?”: Romantic Psychiatry and the Addictive Pleasures of Moral Management
Joel Faflak
5. John Ferriar’s Psychology, James Hogg’s Justified Sinner, and the Gay Science of Horror Writing
Michelle Faubert
6. “It is a Path I have

Ross, Corey - Pleasure and Power in Nazi Germany, ebook

Pleasure and Power in Nazi Germany

Ross, Corey


Driving, Shopping and Smoking: The Society for Consumer Research and the Politics of Pleasure in Nazi Germany
S. Jonathan Wiesen
3. Selling Sexual Pleasure in 1930s Germany
Pamela E. Swett
4. Luxury and Distinction

Allen, Steven - Cinema, Pain and Pleasure, ebook

Cinema, Pain and Pleasure

Allen, Steven


Body Modification: Beauty and the Pleasures of the Modifiable Flesh
Steven Allen
5. Aestheticized Pain and the Artistic Serial Killer
Steven Allen
6. Playing with Control
Steven Allen
7. Choosing Torture Instead of Submission
Steven Allen

 - Sauna pleasures, ebook

Sauna pleasures


" - Sauna pleasures by Kleopatra, Notodden "She was a hand-worker, by profession and by calling. Was it just a matter of time before she added a dildo to her tool belt?" - Autumn leaves by Maria Viktor "For as long as she could remember, she had occasionally been

Fienberg, Stephen E. - The Pleasures of Statistics, ebook

The Pleasures of Statistics

Fienberg, Stephen E.


Table of contents
1. Why Did Dewey Beat Truman in the Pre-election Polls of 1948?
Frederick Mosteller
2. Sexual Behavior in the United States: The Kinsey Report
Frederick Mosteller
3. Learning Theory: Founding Mathematical Psychology

Richter, Simon - Women, Pleasure, Film, ebook

Women, Pleasure, Film

Richter, Simon


Table of contents
1. Falling in Love Again … and Again and Again
Simon Richter
2. The Give and Take of Naming
Simon Richter
3. The Lola Revue The Lola Film as Genre
Simon Richter
4. Lola’s Song and Dance
Simon Richter

Bradbury, B. A. - Their Master's Pleasure, ebook

Their Master's Pleasure

Bradbury, B. A.


Lowly maids in Victorian England, whose lives are an endless round of unremitting toil, must surely dream of better things - yet more pitiful by far is the plight of those unfortunate souls who find themselves in the service of a strict disciplinarian.…

Bramham, Peter - The New Politics of Leisure and Pleasure, ebook

The New Politics of Leisure and Pleasure

Bramham, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Unforbidden Fruit: From Leisure to Pleasure
Peter Bramham, Stephen Wagg
2. Choosing Leisure: Social Theory, Class and Generations
Peter Bramham
3. Double Measures: The Moral Regulation of Alcohol Consumption,…

Scott, Josephine - Twin Pleasures, ebook

Twin Pleasures

Scott, Josephine


Twin sisters, one dominant, one submissive, playing their dangerous games! Tamasine is regularly sent out by her dominant sibling, Anastasia, to find someone to spank her, she coerces people into handing out the discipline she feels Tamasine needs, always…