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Harvey, Keith - Say Please, Louise!, ebook

Say Please, Louise!

Harvey, Keith


No-one can make her say please or thank you until one day she meets a most unusual creature who teaches her that it's good to be polite. This wonderfully illustrated book from Children's author Keith Harvey is a delight to read for parents and kids alike.

Barry, David - Please Sir! The Official History, ebook

Please Sir! The Official History

Barry, David


First broadcast in 1968, Please Sir! is generally considered to hold a firm place in the distinguished ranks of the greatest British sitcoms. David Barry - known to millions as mummy's boy Frankie Abbott - was a fan favourite, appearing in all three series as well as both the 1971 feature

King, Elizabeth - Water Birth Please!, ebook

Water Birth Please!

King, Elizabeth


Why is it that having children affects our ability to speak proper English? What exactly is the “Wassat?” game? How can a seemingly harmless children’s TV character give you a nosebleed? Water Birth Please is the Diary of a Mum muddling through each chaotic day with her gleefully troublesome

Kavaler, Elizabeth - A Seat on the Alsle, Please!, ebook

A Seat on the Alsle, Please!

Kavaler, Elizabeth


Table of contents
Part One. The Basics
1. The Nuts and Bolts of the Female Pelvis
2. What Can Go Wrong?
3. Picking a Doctor
Part Two. Urinary Leakage and Incontingence
4. Stress Urinary Incontinence
5. Urinary Urge Incontinence

Mansfield, Katherine - Two Tuppenny Ones, Please, ebook

Two Tuppenny Ones, Please

Mansfield, Katherine


Two Tuppenny Ones, Please is a story by Katherine Mansfield, who is widely recognized as a master of the short story format. Born in New Zealand, Mansfield moved to Europe at the age of 19 and lived both in the UK and France. Mansfield was active in modernist literary circles and friends

Luz, Alicia - Sex Please, Doctor! - Erotic short story, ebook

Sex Please, Doctor! - Erotic short story

Luz, Alicia


"Spicy, that's the best word to describe the turn my life has taken. I'm struggling to concentrate. My body is burning from a seemingly inexhaustible fire." The second year in nursing school, Charlene can't imagine what turn her life is about to take,…

Firth, Louise - Colin The Crocodile, ebook

Colin The Crocodile

Firth, Louise


One day Colin is feeling rather sad as he can't clean his teeth. He usually frightens the other animals, so no-one will help him. What will Colin do? A beautifully illustrated picturebook that will delight parents and children alike.