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Riddall-Leech, Sheila - Heuristic Play, ebook

Heuristic Play

Riddall-Leech, Sheila


How to encourage investigative, discovery play with babies and children aged 0-5. Heuristic Play is a form of exploratory, investigative play that builds a whole range of skills

Naidu, Yamini - Power Play: Game Changing Influence Strategies For Leaders, ebook

Power Play: Game Changing Influence Strategies For Leaders

Naidu, Yamini


Discover the secrets of influence, impact and transformational leadership
Power Play is the powerful and practical 21st century guide to mega-impact and influence, providing business leaders with explosive influence strategies to move people into action and results. Influence, like gravity,

Kottman, Terry - Play Therapy: Basics and Beyond, ebook

Play Therapy: Basics and Beyond

Kottman, Terry


Written for use in play therapy and child counseling courses, this extraordinarily practical text provides a detailed examination of basic and advanced play therapy concepts and skills and guidance on when and how

Bratton, Sue C. - Integrative Play Therapy, ebook

Integrative Play Therapy

Bratton, Sue C.


An integrative approach to play therapy blending various therapeutic treatment models and techniques
Reflecting the transition in the field of play therapy from a "one size fits all" approach to a more eclectic framework that integrates more than

Uppal, Herjinder - Play Activities for the Early Years, ebook

Play Activities for the Early Years

Uppal, Herjinder


Play Activities for the Early Years contains over 140 fun activities to encourage purposeful play. There are six chapters: communication, language and literacy; mathematical development; knowledge and understanding of the world; creative development;