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Stacey, Weston M. - Fusion Plasma Physics, ebook

Fusion Plasma Physics

Stacey, Weston M.


This revised and enlarged second edition of the popular textbook and reference contains comprehensive treatments of both the established foundations of magnetic fusion plasma physics and of the newly developing areas of active research. It concludes with a look ahead to fusion power reactors

Bonitz, Michael - Introduction to Complex Plasmas, ebook

Introduction to Complex Plasmas

Bonitz, Michael


Quantum Effects in Plasma Dielectric Response: Plasmons and Shielding in Normal Systems and Graphene
Norman J. M. Horing
6. Imaging Diagnostics in Dusty Plasmas
Dietmar Block, André Melzer
7. Structure and Dynamics of Finite Dust Clusters

Balogh, André - Microphysics of Cosmic Plasmas, ebook

Microphysics of Cosmic Plasmas

Balogh, André


Microphysics of Cosmic Plasmas: Background, Motivation and Objectives
André Balogh, Andrei Bykov, Peter Cargill, Richard Dendy, Thierry Dudok de Wit, John Raymond
2. Microphysics in Astrophysical Plasmas
Steven J. Schwartz, Ellen G. Zweibel, Martin

Somov, Boris V. - Plasma Astrophysics, Part I, ebook

Plasma Astrophysics, Part I

Somov, Boris V.


Table of contents
1. Particles and Fields: Exact Self-consistent Description
Boris V. Somov
2. Statistical Description of Interacting Particle Systems
Boris V. Somov
3. Weakly-Coupled Systems with Binary Collisions
Boris V. Somov
4. Propagation of Fast Particles in Plasma
Boris V. Somov

Aghajani, Hossein - Plasma Nitriding of Steels, ebook

Plasma Nitriding of Steels

Aghajani, Hossein


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hossein Aghajani, Sahand Behrangi
2. Conventional DC Plasma Nitriding
Hossein Aghajani, Sahand Behrangi
3. Pulsed DC Glow Discharge Plasma Nitriding
Hossein Aghajani, Sahand Behrangi
4. Active Screen Plasma Nitriding
Hossein Aghajani, Sahand Behrangi
5. Radiofrequency