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Faltin, Frederick - Statistical Methods in Healthcare, ebook

Statistical Methods in Healthcare

Faltin, Frederick

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Statistical methods used in planning, delivering and monitoring health care, as well as selected statistical aspects of the development and/or production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are also addressed.
With a focus on finding solutions to these challenges,

Frith, Kathleen - Sustainable Healthcare, ebook

Sustainable Healthcare

Frith, Kathleen

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Sustainable Healthcare sets out a vision for medical care of high quality, manageable cost and low impact on the planetary systems which sustain us.

In tackling the major challenges of our age, such as resource depletion, loss of biodiversity and climate change, health services

Kostkova, Patty - Electronic Healthcare, ebook

Electronic Healthcare

Kostkova, Patty


Adaptive Planning of Staffing Levels in Health Care Organisations
Harini Kulatunga, W. J. Knottenbelt, V. Kadirkamanathan
15. “Do Users Do What They Think They Do?”– A Comparative Study of User Perceived and Actual Information Searching Behaviour in the

Wickramasinghe, Nilmini - Lean Thinking for Healthcare, ebook

Lean Thinking for Healthcare

Wickramasinghe, Nilmini


The Application of Lean in the Healthcare Sector: Theory and Practical Examples
Nathan Houchens, Christopher S. Kim
5. Business Value of IT in Healthcare
Peter Haddad, Mark Gregory, Nilmini Wickramasinghe
6. Initiatives of Service-Oriented Architecture

Bove, Lisa Anne - Project Management for Healthcare Informatics, ebook

Project Management for Healthcare Informatics

Bove, Lisa Anne


Table of contents
1. Project Management Process
Susan M. Houston, Lisa Anne Bove
2. Initiation Phase
Susan M. Houston, Lisa Anne Bove
3. Planning Phase
Susan M. Houston, Lisa Anne Bove
4. Execution Phase
Susan M. Houston, Lisa Anne Bove
5. Control Phase
Susan M. Houston, Lisa Anne Bove