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Zhou, Yu - Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control, ebook

Fluid-Structure-Sound Interactions and Control

Zhou, Yu


Temporal and Spectral Quantification of the ‘Crackle’ Component in Supersonic Jet Noise
Woutijn J. Baars, Charles E. Tinney
31. Sound Generated by a Wing with a Flap Interacting with a Passing Vortex
A. Manela, L. Huang
32. Modes of Pressure Fluctuations

Jayaram, Vikram - Advances in Structural Integrity, ebook

Advances in Structural Integrity

Jayaram, Vikram


Creep-Fatigue Damage Assessment of Reactor Hot Pool Components During Crash Cooling
Rosy Sarkar, S. Jaladeen, K. Velusamy
29. The Influence of Prior Plasticity on the Creep Resistance of Two Elevated Temperature Power Plant Steels
Valliappa Kalyanasundaram,

Klinkel, Sven - Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities, ebook

Seismic Design of Industrial Facilities

Klinkel, Sven


Uncertainty Propagation in Engineering Systems: Probability Density Evolution Theory and its Recent Developments
Jie Li
11. Peak Response Envelopes for the Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures: New Developments and Application to NPP Buildings

Cen, Kefa - Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment, ebook

Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment

Cen, Kefa


Novel Repair Technique for Life-Extension of Hydraulic Turbine Components in Hydroelectric Power Stations
Jun Ishii, Yoichi Hiramatsu, Kazuhiro Funato
103. A Meanwhile Accurate On-line Monitoring Method of Both Energy Consumption Rate and the Exhaust Steam