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Hall, Simon - The Death Pictures, ebook

The Death Pictures

Hall, Simon


A dying artist creates a series of ten paintings - The Death Pictures - which contain a mysterious riddle, leading the way to a unique and highly valuable prize. Thousands attempt to solve it. But before the answer can be revealed, the painter is murdered. The detectives

Dika, Vera - The (Moving) Pictures Generation, ebook

The (Moving) Pictures Generation

Dika, Vera


Table of contents
1. (Moving) Pictures: Introduction
Vera Dika
2. Stillness/Movement
Joseph Cornell, Edison Company, Andy Warhol, Jack Goldstein
3. The Female Body and the Film Frame
Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman
4. Vivienne Dick’s Film Portraits
Vera Dika
5. Amos Poe and the New York New Wave

Carroll, Noël - Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures: An Anthology, ebook

Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures: An Anthology

Carroll, Noël


The featured essays have been specially chosen for their clarity, philosophical depth, and consonance with the current move towards cognitive film theory
Eight sections with introductions cover topics such as the nature of film, film as art, documentary cinema, narration and emotion in film, film criticism,

Anderson, Douglas - Pictures of Ascent in the Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe, ebook

Pictures of Ascent in the Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe

Anderson, Douglas


Table of contents
1. Introduction Cosmos
Douglas Anderson
2. Problems of Disposal
Douglas Anderson
3. A Pneumatics of Mind
Douglas Anderson
4. The Gravity of Things
Douglas Anderson
5. The Kingdom of Inorganization
Douglas Anderson
6. The Infected World at Large
Douglas Anderson

Meyer, Veronika R. - Pitfalls and Errors of HPLC in Pictures, ebook

Pitfalls and Errors of HPLC in Pictures

Meyer, Veronika R.


The third edition of this popular problem-solving guide for this widely-used method includes eleven completely new examples and several updated ones, adding up to over 100 potential pitfalls and errors in HPLC. Each example is presented on a double page…

UNKNOWN - Capturing Better Photos and Video with your iPhone, ebook

Capturing Better Photos and Video with your iPhone



Offers unique advice for taking great photos and videos with your iPod or iPhone!
Packed with unique advice, tips, and tricks, this one-of-a-kind, full-color reference presents step-by-step guidance for taking the best possible quality photos…