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Berntsen, Romy - Where Is My Book?, ebook

Where Is My Book?

Berntsen, Romy


Lilli lives in a very special place; she lives in a library… but Lilli’s library isn’t an ordinary library because she lives in one of the books and at night when everyone has gone home Lilli comes out to play! Lilli loves night time when she jumps out of the book

Wilde, Oscar - The Picture of Dorian Gray, ebook

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wilde, Oscar


The title of the book is often translated The Portrait of Dorian Gray, however This version remains true to the original. The novel tells of a young man named Dorian Gray, the subject of a painting by artist Basil Hallward. Basil is impressed by Dorian's beauty and

Wilde, Oscar - The Picture of Dorian Gray, ebook

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wilde, Oscar


The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is a classic tale about vanity, infatuation, guilt and morality. The book has often been ranked as one of the best novels ever written.

Mansfield, Katherine - Spring Pictures, ebook

Spring Pictures

Mansfield, Katherine


Spring Pictures is a story by Katherine Mansfield, who is widely recognized as a master of the short story format. Born in New Zealand, Mansfield moved to Europe at the age of 19 and lived both in the UK and France. Mansfield was active in modernist literary circles and friends with both

Greenberg, Arthur - From Alchemy to Chemistry in Picture and Story, ebook

From Alchemy to Chemistry in Picture and Story

Greenberg, Arthur


Oliver Sacks, author of Awakenings
From Alchemy to Chemistry in Picture and Story takes you on an illustrated tour of chemistry's fascinating history, from its early focus on the spiritual relationship between man and nature to some of today's most cutting-edge

Traditional - The National Nursery Book, ebook

The National Nursery Book



This wonderful illustrated collection of children's stories and nursery rhymes has been especially formatted for today's e-readers. Timeless classics are told in their traditional form - from Cinderella to Mother Hubbard, Tom Thumb to The Three Bears.…

Bennett, Robin - Bullets and Bones, ebook

Bullets and Bones

Bennett, Robin


I'm Bullets and Bones, brigand and thief, so come with me now, I'm armed to the teeth. We'll nick from the rich and give to the poor and dance by the fire on a piratey shore.' Bullets and Bones - dread pirate or friendly chap? We'll steal golden nuggest,…