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Taft, Robert W. - Progress in Physical Organic Chemistry, ebook

Progress in Physical Organic Chemistry

Taft, Robert W.


Substituent Effects on Ground-State Molecular Structures and Charge Distributions (R. D. Topsom).
Some Theoretical Studies of Electronic Substituent Effects in Organic Chemistry (R. D. Topsom).
Electronic Substituent Effects in Molecular Spectroscopy (R.

 - The Uncertainty in Physical Measurements, ebook

The Uncertainty in Physical Measurements


Table of contents
2. Physical Quantities
3. Measurement Units
4. Measuring Instruments
5. Uncertainty in Direct Measurements
6. Basic Probability Concepts
7. Distributions of Random Variables
8. Statistical Tools
9. Uncertainty in Indirect Measurements
10. Confidence Levels

Beyerer, Jürgen - Machine Learning for Cyber Physical Systems, ebook

Machine Learning for Cyber Physical Systems

Beyerer, Jürgen


Cloud-based event detection platform for water distribution networks using machine-learning algorithms
Thomas Bernard, Marc Baruthio, Claude Steinmetz, Jean-Marc Weber
6. A Generic Data Fusion and Analysis Platform for Cyber-Physical Systems

Louis, Jean-Paul - Control of Synchronous Motors, ebook

Control of Synchronous Motors

Louis, Jean-Paul

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Therefore, this work draws on well adapted models resulting from the Park’s transformation, for both the most traditional machines with sinusoidal field distribution and for machines with non-sinusoidal field distribution which