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Hand, Martin - Ubiquitous Photography, ebook

Ubiquitous Photography

Hand, Martin


The rise of digital photography and imaging has transformed the landscape of visual communication and culture. Events, activities, moments, objects, and people are ‘captured' and distributed as images on an unprecedented scale. Many of these are shared publicly; some remain private, others

Sheppard, Rob - Simply Digital Photography, ebook

Simply Digital Photography

Sheppard, Rob

From 14,50€

If you are serious about digital photography, then this clear, concise guide is the ideal companion for fast and efficient learning.
Simply Digital Photography offers techniques that can be used to make better digital photos, prints, and photo-based

Dupoy, Alexandre - Erotic Photography, ebook

Erotic Photography

Dupoy, Alexandre


Like much painting, sculpture and engraving, since its beginning photography has also been at the service of eroticism. This collection presents erotic photographs from the beginning of photography until the years just before World

Johnson, Glen - Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories, ebook

Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories

Johnson, Glen

From 28,25€

Fully revised and updated! Full-color guide to capturing great wedding images and building a successful photography business
This full-color book from acclaimed professional wedding photographer Glen Johnson not only teaches you how to take memorable photos, it also shows you how to start a wedding photography

Sypniewski, Sarah - Dog Photography For Dummies, ebook

Dog Photography For Dummies

Sypniewski, Sarah


Dog Photography For Dummies gives you practical and fun guidance for capturing your dog's personality and turning ordinary shots into priceless memories that will last a lifetime.
Covering all the latest and greatest gadgets and accessories available to capture

Elmansy, Rafiq - Developing Professional iPhone Photography, ebook

Developing Professional iPhone Photography

Elmansy, Rafiq


Table of contents
1. Unleash Your iPhone Camera’s Capabilities
Rafiq Elmansy
2. Photo Retouching Techniques
Rafiq Elmansy
3. Working with Photography Projects
Rafiq Elmansy
4. Mastering Photo Editing and Applying Effects
Rafiq Elmansy
5. Integrating with Adobe Lightroom on the Desktop

Langmann, Sten - Photography as a Social Research Method, ebook

Photography as a Social Research Method

Langmann, Sten


Ethical Considerations in Photography as a Research Method
Sten Langmann, David Pick
4. Research Photography in the Field
Sten Langmann, David Pick
5. Photographic Analysis
Sten Langmann, David Pick
6. Publishing