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UNKNOWN - Photo Inspiration: Secrets Behind Stunning Images, ebook

Photo Inspiration: Secrets Behind Stunning Images



Shares behind-the-scene stories of the featured photos from the photographers themselves, from their artistic vision to the technical details that went into each shotOffers clear, concise, and accessible descriptions for the ideas, vision, performance, setup, location,

Manning, Erin - Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop, ebook

Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop

Manning, Erin


This new edition uses full-color photos to demonstrate how to work with lighting, location, angle, composition, physical characteristics, and environment in either portrait or candid situations. Professional photographer and veteran author Erin Manning offers invaluable

Carr, Peter - HDR Photography Photo Workshop, ebook

HDR Photography Photo Workshop

Carr, Peter


Learn the intricacies of High Dynamic Range photography from experts and get feedback on your work
High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography offers a new range of creative possibilities to the photographer who is skilled in the technique. HDR requires specific…

Carr, Pete - HDR Photography Photo Workshop, ebook

HDR Photography Photo Workshop

Carr, Pete


Expand your artistic vision with HDR photography
By artfully blending multiple exposures, you can create images with incredible detail, photos that mimic fine paintings, surrealistic imagery — once you understand the process, your options are virtually endless. This book explains

Wignall, Jeff - Exposure Photo Workshop, ebook

Exposure Photo Workshop

Wignall, Jeff


You?ll learn how to leave the safety of automatic settings and understand how controlling the settings can result in beautiful photos. Stunning photos of people, wildlife, and landscapes serve to inspire you to practice your new

Coalson, Nat - Nature Photography Photo Workshop, ebook

Nature Photography Photo Workshop

Coalson, Nat


This Photo Workshop is a must-have how-to guide for shooting nature images in nearly any situation you might encounter.
You'll learn which equipment is right in different settings and why it should be used, how to get an amazing photo

Kamps, Haje Jan - Macro Photography Photo Workshop, ebook

Macro Photography Photo Workshop

Kamps, Haje Jan


Special techniques for creating unique, artistic, close-up images
Macro, or close-up, photography is gaining popularity, and this book covers all of the challenges associated with taking great close-ups: depth of field, focus, and exposure. Copublished…

Fier, Blue - Composition Photo Workshop, ebook

Composition Photo Workshop

Fier, Blue


The hands-on instruction that digital photographers need to compose great shots
Introducing readers to the basic elements of design, this full-color guide shows photographers step by step how to frame great compositions before they take the shot. Instructions,…

Bucher, Chris - Lighting Photo Workshop, ebook

Lighting Photo Workshop

Bucher, Chris


A rigorous practical guide to photographic lighting techniques, complete with hands-on assignments

Offering digital photographers a complete course in photographic lighting, this book covers everything from using flash systems and studio…

Felch, Ginny - Photographing Children Photo Workshop, ebook

Photographing Children Photo Workshop

Felch, Ginny


Updated with new photos and revised text to cover the latest technologies, this inspirational book offers critical assistance with photographing children in portrait or candid situations, natural environments or structured interiors, and any variety of lighting. You’ll