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Rickles, Dean - The Philosophy of Physics, ebook

The Philosophy of Physics

Rickles, Dean


Does the future exist already? What is space? Are time machines physically possible? What is quantum mechanical reality like? Are there many universes? Is there a ‘true’ geometry of the universe? Why does there appear to be an arrow of time? Do humans play a special role in the world?
In this unique introductory book,

Dürr, Detlef - Quantum Physics Without Quantum Philosophy, ebook

Quantum Physics Without Quantum Philosophy

Dürr, Detlef


Quantum Philosophy: The Flight from Reason in Science
Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein, Nino Zanghì
5. Seven Steps Towards the Classical World
Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein, Nino Zanghì
6. On the Quantum Probability Flux through Surfaces

Heller, Michael - Philosophy in Science, ebook

Philosophy in Science

Heller, Michael


The First Task of the Philosophy of Nature—The Problem of Elementarity
Michael Heller
2. The Philosophical Myth of Creation—The Platonic Philosophy of Nature
Michael Heller
3. Aristotle’s Physics

Baird, Davis - Philosophy Of Chemistry, ebook

Philosophy Of Chemistry

Baird, Davis


Normative and Descriptive Philosophy of Science and the Role of Chemistry
Eric R. Scerri
7. How Classical Models of Explanation Fail to Cope with Chemistry
Johannes Hunger
8. Professional Ethics in Science
Jeffrey Kovac
Section IV. Chemistry

Feyerabend, Paul K. - Philosophy of Nature, ebook

Philosophy of Nature

Feyerabend, Paul K.


Yet it is not well known that Feyerabend spent many years working on a philosophy of nature that was intended to comprise three volumes covering the period from the earliest traces of stone age cave paintings to the atomic physics

Rogers, Karl - On the Metaphysics of Experimental Physics, ebook

On the Metaphysics of Experimental Physics

Rogers, Karl


Table of contents
1. Entering the Cave of the Shadow Puppeteers
Karl Rogers
2. The Spirit of the Enterprise
Karl Rogers
3. The Mathematical Projection of the Six Simple Machines
Karl Rogers
4. The “Making” of the Ground-Plan…